Naan – dough baked in a clay oven called tandoor from the original recipe with the latest trends in gastronomy.

Tandoor is a clay oven used especially in Asia. Heat emanated from tandoor is given by wood or charcoal burning just inside the oven, thus generating a hot environment that surrounds food evenly. A tandoor temperature approaches 480 degrees Celsius and these ovens are often kept closed in order to maintain high temperature for long periods of time.

Naan bread was  mentioned from the first time by Amir Kushrau, an Indo-Persian poet, in his notes dating from 1300 B.C. Made from the simplest ingredients like flour, yeast, poppy and fennel seeds, salt, pepper, egg, olive oil, yogurt and milk, naan was first prepared at the Imperial Court in Delhi. Nowadays is one of the most popular oven baked bread, prepared in a classic way or transformed into various tasteful experiences, with different fillings and flavors by all great chefs throughout the world.