An eclectic menu with mediterranean dishes, Indian cuisine, seasonal ingredients, home made pasta and home matured meat – Black Angus from the lands of Sibiu. Naan Food & Drink Studio represents a new concept of restaurant where tradition and innovation are reinforcing each other, creating exquisite culinary experiences. A refined and intimate atmosphere, personalized service, attention to detail, […]

Naan – dough baked in a clay oven called tandoor from the original recipe with the latest trends in gastronomy. Tandoor is a clay oven used especially in Asia. Heat emanated from tandoor is given by wood or charcoal burning just inside the oven, thus generating a hot environment that surrounds food evenly. A tandoor […]

The Naan portfolio counts over 114 labels of wine, Romanian and foreign, plus champagne and sparkling wines. Naan Food & Drink Studio has a underground wine cellar with a controlled temperature, to keep unaltered the wine qualities. The wines are stored according to their typology: red wines at 14 degrees Celsius and white wines at […]

Refined and at the same time intimate, this restaurant is suitable for both a romantic dinner, as well as a relaxed party with friends. Naan Food & Drink Studio, located in a historical building, itself with a rich story, in downtown Bucharest, it was designed in a modern vision by a team of young  and […]