Flavor and culinary architecture

Naan Food & Drink Studio represents a new concept of restaurant where tradition and innovation are mutually reinforcing each other, creating exquisite culinary experiences.

A refined and intimate atmosphere, personalized service, attention to detail, dishes inspired by international cuisine, healthy cooking using only natural ingredients, complemented by an impressive collection of wines, make Naan the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing evening.

NAAN, a gastronomic journey

We invite you in a initiatic journey starting in 1300 B.C. at the Imperial Court in Delhi, keeping the original dough recipe baked in tandoor, which continues to the present days, with the latest trends in gastronomy, using only natural fresh ingredients, carefully chosen and prepared in a healthy way!

The impressive wine collection paired with each dish accompanies you throughout this exquisite journey, aiming to transform it into an unforgettable culinary experience.


We change the address!
Starting April 18, 2017, we are waiting you at the new address:
Progress Str., no. 1-3 near Delta Studio Showroom

Please submit your reservation details and we will contact you to confirm your booking